pH Water Quality Test Liquid

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Over the years, we have been into marketing the Mineral Water Pot and we have seen the effect on people when they are openly exposed to the dangers associated with low pH of most water brands they take. Sadly around Africa and in Nigeria particularly, sachet water and bottled water brands served to the people even at high cost are very acidic. Most people do not know that they have been investing in their own death by living on poison-serving water that they drink every day.

How then do you find out the pH quality of the water you take? The pH quality determines whether your water is Acidic, just Neutral, Or Alkaline.

For example, water from the spring which should be the best quality of water for anybody to drink is alkaline. Eva Water which is a Coca Cola Brand of bottled water is Neutra and it is boldly written on the bottle. About 95% of all sachet water brands served in Africa fall on the Acid side.

The pH scale shows a line between zero (0) and fourteen (14). At zero (0) the acid level is same as the battery acid. Most water we draw from the ground fall on the acid side with pH level at 4. This is too dangerous as people take acidic water without knowing it.

Test your water before you drink it. Get to know the pH quality of the water you enjoy with your family. Know when it’s time to change the source of your home drinking water. Use the pH Water tester today.

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Feature:accurate testing, low price, new type, easy to use, convenient to carry

Target: effective to any colorless alkali solution whose pH value is from 4 to 10

Package: 10 ml a bottle ; 4 bottles a set; 50sets a carton; 4pH cards per set


  • Add 3 drops of reagent into a small amount of water sample and shake beeker to mix
  • The water will undergo a color change. Compare with the color chart to know the pH quality of your water.
  • Pls. Do not ingest and avoid contact with eyes. Keep sealed. Shake well before use.

Storage period: 3 years

Practical function: Guarantee the supply of good quality drinking water

Suggestion: It is better use with chlorine to test the water quality.

Application area: Aquaculture, sewage treatment, laboratory, boiler water making, electricity, paper   making, Pharmacy, drinking water, water cup, the drinking water quality, teaching demonstration and so on.




4 bottles/case

63 sets/carton

4pcs PH card/case


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