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The Mineral Stone of the Mineral Water Pot contains various nourishing minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium and other MICRO ELEMENTS which are essential for good health.

That is why young folks, pregnant women, senior citizens, students and of cause everybody needs to drink water from the mineral water pot.

The mineral water pot also helps in discharging oxygen in your drinking water. This means more life to you while you drink. It is also why mineral water pot instantly supplies energy as soon as you ingest the water.

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Good and high quality life through water starts here. This is what you get :


  1. high quality,low price
  2. suitable for every volume of water purifier pot
  3. Change every 12 months

Helps increase PH level producing healthy alkalinic water mineral stone1

Preserves purity and freshness for your stored water

Helps to sterilize and prevent secondary breeding of bacteria and other germs from stored water

Helps to remove heavy metals from your body. Enhances overall health and boosts immunity


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