Ceramic Filter

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Ceramic ball type water filter


ceramic-filter-for-mineral-water-potDome ceramic filter,ball ceramic filter

Mirco porous ceramic filter main ingredient: Diatomite

ceramic filter can protect water from rest,dust,sand silt and bacteria such cholera,typhoid, coliform etc

In fact, this is the main filter of the mineral water pot. Its eyelet is as tiny as 0.2 micron which ensures that the tiniest of micro organisms which should be about 0.5 micron does not get through to your drinking water.

This ceramic filter does all the work for you ensuring that you drink healthy and well filtered water all the time.
Characteristic: Filter precision can reach 0.2-0.5um;
Under the normal circumstance, the output water is 1.5kgs per hour.


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Please Note How to clean:
clean the surface of ceramic filter with soft brush or scotchbrite pad under running tap water when the filter has yellow color or when the flow rate has been decreased, but never use detergent


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