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10L MINERAL WATER POTThis 10 Litres Mineral water pot serves a small household but you will be surprised at the quality of alkaline water it delivers at home. Our shop promises the best in water filtration and that is why we have brought the Bio-1000 to you.

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Give your body the alkaline hydration it deserves

With the New Bio-1000!

Bio Mineral Pot 1000 is a newly developed bench top dome system with tap outlet. Designed to supersede the old Bio 1000 due to overwhelming demand for fluoride removal in our premium range. Providing safe drinking water. Multi-stage cartridges contain: Pre-filter membrane, activated silver ionised carbon, ion exchange resin, coral minerals, silica, bio ceramic, far infrared, magnets and other patented filter medium.
It turns ordinary tap water into great tasting, alkalised, energised, magnetised and ionised mineral water. Filtering out: Sediment, rust, bacteria, cysts, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride and unpleasant odours. Handy 10-litre reservoir capacity makes it ideal for domestic & commercial use.

•    10 litre capacity glass reservoir, ideal capacity for home and workplace
•    Pre-filter membrane reduces: Dirt, rust, sediment, bacteria and cysts.
•    Activated coconut shell carbon bonded with silver reduces impurities – chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals & bacteria.
•    Special ion exchange resin compound for fluoride reduction
•    Quickly turns tap water into alkaline mineral water
•    Organic Germanium
•    Special Bio-Ceramic disc giving far infrared Ki (Life energy)
•    Clean, fresh, great tasting water
•    Economical and easy hydration – avoid expensive bottled waters
•    Filter set included lasts up to 15,000 litres or 60 months and has replaceable filter cartridges
•    Compact size, lightweight – no electricity or tap connection required

It’s safe!

The BMP 1000 is made from BPA free materials & is non-leeching & due to the nature of the filter it retains a bacteriostatic function. This prevents the propagation of bacteria once water is filtered, keeping it fresh!


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