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Our store sells water filters.

Among the filters are the best and very affordable water filters of our time. We have verieties of the mineral water pot in our store and you will be glad to buy one from us.

By the way, do you know exactly how to install the mineral water pot?

Visit our resources link to find what the mineral water pot looks like and how you can install one if you buy it.

We also have in our resources area, features of the mineral water pot that make it one of the best water filters of our time.


Our prices are second to non in Nigerian market and we insure that you find the best quality of mineral water pot money can buy.

MyWaterpot.Com is on 24/7 and operated by Mendoh Urch Olivers (and DataSwift Limited).

In recent times, we have incorporated the services of world-class express companies to help us ship on demand.


Cash-On-Delivery with GiG LogisticsWith GiG Logistics and FedEx, mywaterpot.com now accepts Cash on Delivery.Cash-On-Delivery with FedEx

Should you be having issues with making payments or simply want to be sure that what you paid for would be delivered to you. This service is for you.
What are you waiting for?


Why not give us a call or email us if you thing you still need to negotiate price with us.

Reach us now: mendohz@gmail.com or info@mywaterpot.com.

Or Call Mendoh on +234 803 2929756, +233 243 515645


Find useful videos that will demonstrate the mineral water pot for you.