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Have You Counted the Cost of Your Water Yet?

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When you hear the word “Cost” it is very obvious that your mind jumped to the amount you spend in something. So you may have thought about the cost of buying good water for your family.


While that is part of this post, we are looking at cost in more disturbing instances.

For example, people suffer from cholera often as a result of polluted environment and bad water management. So have have taken the understanding that death can result from Cholera infection and so death as a cost of bad water management.

In this post, we shall look at various costs of your water that you may not have taken time to estimate.


Financial cost, an Estimate that will surprise you.

Do you know that healthy water do not run in pipes around Africa? If your family takes that water managed by the ministry in Abuja, Nigeria, you will be surprised to learn that Chlorination is part of the water treatment techniques adopted to treat the public water system.

Chlorination is actually cheap and very effective in handling germs and that is the main reasons the government has adopted that method.

But Have you counted the Cost?

Chlorine is poison! Chlorine had been outlawed for public water treatment for many years in developed world. We will not give you precise statistics on this post about the destructive effect of consistent taking of chlorinated water for a prolonged period of time.

If you have the time, read this article by Dr. Mercola. Here is the free report "Is Your Water Safe? How Modern Water Sanitation Can Damage Your Health and How To Protect Yourself".

We have unlimited materials showing that Chlorine has a strong link to severe heart problems, liver and kidney problems, reduced sperm count in men, and many other diseases that join with old age.

People have experienced dizziness and headaches after drinking water treated with chlorine.

The government of most African countries are still in charge of water treatment and they embrace this deadly practice without any remorse to millions of deaths resulting from this practice.


Due to the nature of water often produced by the government, families have resolved to adopt one method or the other to bring back their home water to a good form.

So let us look at some of these and count the financial and other costs associated to them.


Have you Counted the Cost: BOTTLE WATER

Bottle Water
Bottle water samples

Let us assume that your family is only consisting of you, your wife, and 2 children. So we have 4 people in total; 2 adults of 35-40yrs and 2 children of 8-10.

According to nutritional science, an adults health is at its best if the adult can consume about  eight 8-ounce glasses of water (about 2.5 litres). It is estimated that you drink (as an adult) half of your body’s need for water each day. So if an adult needs up to 3 or 3.5 ltrs of water everyday, this person needs a supply of at least 2 ltrs of water everyday. And children need about 2 or 2.5 ltrs of water everyday. So the kids will consume, each, 1 ltr of water per day.

Here is the estimated cost for 1 month in Naira (₦)

You = 2.2 ltrs (Eva Water 1 big + 1 small)                     ₦200

Your Wife = (same as above)                                           ₦200

Your Child 2 kids ( with about 1.25 ltrs each)               ₦230 (Approx)

Total per day                                                                 ₦630.00

This is how much you spend per day in your home of 2 adults and 2 children

Per Month, this is how much you spend

₦630 X 30 Days = ₦18,900

₦18,900 is the amount of money spent to have safe drinking water in a home consisting of 2 children and 2 adults.

Now, let us see the estimate of cost of providing a family of such population with portable water for a whole year.

₦18,99 X 12 months = ₦226,800



This is very outrageous!

Think about this money in view of what you can buy with it to benefit your family in other positive ways.

Think of this money as something you could save if you had known how to.


This is a huge financial attack on your economy and family. If you continue to spend such money, you would have spent ₦2,268,000 in 10 years if the size of your family remains consistent.

The size may remain consistent but what about the effect of growth. The kids will grow to such time that they need water more than you feel you do. Plus-Minus, you have seen that this amount is not funny in Africa. As at today the 7th of July, 2017, the cost per dollar to Naira is 1:370.


While we have been thinking about the cost of Bottle water and the outrageous amount that results over time, have we thought about the cost of buying bottle watter brands that are very low in quality. I have tested a bottle water brand that gave me a pH of 5.5 on the chat.

This is highly acidic water which will serve not good purpose except quenching the taste of the person who drinks it.

Our water should supply us with the needed minerals contained by nature. Most bottle water brands you find to drink are sapped and cannot amount to anything after you have drank them.

This is one cost people have failed to reason anything about.

Above this is the method of treatment used by the bottle water company. Do you actually know how much the bottle water company adopts purification methods that are no longer in use in other parts of the world. This is one cost that matter so much to me.


Count the Cost: Sachet Water Brands

I still do not have a word for families that depend on sachet water making companies for their entire house hold. If we choose to estimate how much they spend to arrive at giving enough sachet water to their families, it will amount to nothing if we compare it to the amount involved in serving same volume of bottled water.

But Have You Counted the Cost?

Have you counted the cost of serving your family sachet water.

I was privileged many years ago to test 25 main brands of sachet water brands in Ghana in 2012 and only about 4 had good pH test value up to 7.0 which is the neutral point.

What happened to the rest?

They were all acidic and people did not know about this for many years.


This water brand has been responsible for typhoid fever that has ravaged almost the entire west Africa.

In Nigeria alone, the recorded cases, according to healthGroove of typhoid is more than 7% of all population per year.

Also consider the effect of cholera which results mostly from the bad handling of water and drinks.


Can your family endure the cost of un-monitored sachet water brands found almost everywhere in West Africa? What about water brands produced and packaged at dirty backyards around homes in Lagos and Aba, Nigeria.

Believe me, you will want to throw up if you eventually see what happens behind the scenes.

This is one cost I do not wish you to estimate.


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