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SHOULD YOU BOIL YOUR WATER? What You Don’t Know May Be Killing You

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It is a regular practice for doctors to recommend that their patients boil their water before drinking it. Sadly, Doctors do not drink boiled water. Why? What you will read in this article will not only reveal why the doctors will never take boiled water but also will expose certain dangers associated with boiling the water you drink. This revelation will surprise and annoy you.

Why Do They Recommend Boiling Water?

For one reason, doctors recommend boiling water to teaming population of their clients who are poor and may frown at any recommendation that suggests buying bottled water brands. In Nigeria for example, bottled water brands are luxury and many people, even those who can afford to take only bottled water feel that they cannot do it due to its cost.

To be sure that their clients drink water free from many contaminates, doctors tell them to boil their water. This is a practice that will kill many bacteria but it is not a sure way to eradicate bacteria as we shall soon see on this article.

Why Do People Boil Water?

People boil their water basically to kill germs and bacteria. The boiling process involves bringing the water to a level of heat or boiling point capable of killing micro organisms in the water. Sadly, boiling your water creates some more problems and does not guarantee total eradication of germs or bacteria. Some bacteria do not not die even at the most boiling point of water.

Does Boiling Really Purify the water?

If it does, where is the residue of the bacteria or germs already eliminated from the water? The simple truth is that whatever germs killed by this process remains in the water as filth that further corrupt the quality of the water. If you use a good microscope to view what happens, you will be amazed at what dirt that remains in the water after boiling.

The boiling of water does not remove dirt already existing in the water that may also cause some health challenges. If water is unclean, it remains unclean even after it had been boiled.

Does Boiling Remove Heavy Metals from the water?

Heavy metals like lead. mercury, arsenic, cadmium,  and others are serious health enemies as they continue to cause health failures in people. Lead, for example can lead to very slow physical and mental development in babies and young children. Lead can cause attention deficiency in adults. It can lead to high blood pressure; can cause hearing problem and hearing disabilities in children. A long time exposure to lead can lead to stroke and kidney disease. Lead can lead to other more serious health damages like Cancer.

This is example of the adverse effects of heavy metals in our drinking water. These are not desirable by anyone. It is still sad to know that boiling our water does not in any way stop heavy metals from getting through to our drinking water.

So if all that you do to make your water fit for drinking is just boil, then you are in for a serious and surprising health attack soon.

Does Boiling Get Rid of Chlorine, Fluoride and other poisonous addictive to water?

Chlorine was first recorgnized as a valuable chemical in treating water when John Snow used it to purify the cholera-causing water of the broad street pump. Noting the disinfecting nature of chlorine and its ability to curb cholera deaths, government officials in Great Britain began to chlorinate the public drinking water. This application of chlorine resulted in a sharp decline in deaths from typhoid as well.

After this period of tremendous success in using chlorine to eradicate typhoid fever and cholera in England, many other countries followed and that saw the spread of chlorination as acceptable procedure in water treatment.

But today, chlorine is listed as a known poison with serious adverse effect on your body systems. Chlorinated water has been found to cause respiratory diseases like ashtma. Because chlorine vaporizes at a much faster rate than water, chlorinated water presents a significant threat to the respiratory system when used for showering.

When ingested, chlorine can cause nose, eye, and sinus irritation as well as stomach problems. Chlorine inhalation is a leading cause of asthma.

It is sad to note that boiling your water does not remove chlorine from your drinking water. What good will it do to you if you should boil your water and still leave behind a strong damage-causing chemical in it?

Aside Chlorine, another bad chemical element found in water that can not be eliminated by simply boiling the water is fluoride. I am not going to talk about fluoride in this article but I cannot say anything less than fluoride is a contaminant that should be avoided by all means. It has a very negative effect in the body. For example, fluoride can cause a crippling bone disease called skeletal fluorosis.

Does Boiling Water stop Toxins?

Hardly! We said it earlier that water that is boiled is good only at removing those bacteria that are susceptible to very high temperature. So when you boil water they die.

A toxin is defined as any substance that causes harmful effects to your body. The immune system, liver and kidneys work together to remove toxins at the same rate as they are encountered. When toxin levels exceed your body’s capacity to remove them, they build up and are stored until they can be removed. You can have toxins stored in your body for years without experiencing any negative symptoms. It is only when the toxin levels become too high that you start to feel ill. Toxins come from environmental
sources, lifestyle habits, internal toxins created by the body and even your emotions.

Boiling our water does not remove toxins that build in the water. Therefore any attempt to treat our water based on this one act of boiling is a practice in futility as it fails to handle the needful.

Does Boiling Your Water Guarantee total removal of all harmful Bacteria?

No! There are some bacteria that cannot be removed or killed no matter how much you boil them in water. These are simply resistant to heat. So the practice of boiling our water to ensure quality drinking water is a failure because this does not achieve the desirable effect.

The main reason we boil our water is to eliminate germs and kill bacteria. if it is true that boiling our water does not kill all the germs or dangerous bacteria then this practice is not the best.

Worse, Boiling Your Water removes minerals and Vitamins from the water.

If this practice removes vitamins and minerals from our drinking water it then means that it leaves us with dead water not a living one. What does it profit us if we want to treat our water with a process or procedure that kills what nature stores in the water to sustain us?

So boiling our water is a very bad practice aside the stress associated with boiling and cooling off. Boiling is also not economical as it draws from our economy reasonable amount each time we boil to that point of eliminating germs.

We have a solution


The Mineral water pot is a sure way to naturally purify our drinking water without

15L Min Water Pot
15 Litres Mineral Water Pot

having additives on it. It uses a very simple natural process of filtration. The mineral water pot slowly filters our water through the ceramic candle filter which has millions of eyelets of about 0.2 microns in size. Through these eyelets, the water gradually passes into a safe chamber leaving out all forms of bacteria outside the safe zone.

It is good to know that Alkalizing your water is not all there is to water treatment. Many people who market alkaline water machines only tell people about the alkalinity of their water without touching areas of dirt and impurities. Some of these alkalizers are not filters. They are machines whose one and only job is to make your water alkaline. It is not so with the mineral water pot.

The Mineral Water Pot filters the water and gradually removes all forms of germs and impurities before moving through to other processes of alkalizing the water. Further, it gets to that point of activating essential minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc. Take a closer look at any high quality bottled water brand, you will observe that these are essentials that they contain. Are these found in the water you and your household drink?

A component of the Mineral Water Pot is called Bio Balls. This produces oxygen in the water. This is a very powerful benefit of the mineral water pot.

In our next article, we shall show you why we prefer the Mineral Water Pot to every other Filter.

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